How To Unlock Clean Freak In Viscera Cleanup Detail

A step-by-step guide to unlocking the Clean Freak achievement in Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Viscera Cleanup Detail is an interesting game that places you in the rubbery boots of a space janitor who is tasked with cleaning up various locations full of blood, guts, and gore. The game has over 50 unlockable achievements for everything from completing a map, to mopping up 10,000 puddles of blood. However, there is one achievement for Viscera Cleanup Detail that isn’t as direct and to the point as the others.

The “Clean Freak” achievement requires you to clean up your office of any viscera and trash, then hit the exit button to leave. Below you’ll find a guide on how to find all of the secret office doors, and how to successfully earn the Clean Freak achievement!

Step 1: Head To Your Office

First, load up the game and select “office” from Viscera Cleanup Detail’s main menu. After popping into your office take a moment to look around and orient yourself with the map. If you turn around you’ll see an open doorway with a locked door on your right.

Before you unlock this door, head left into the other room and direct your attention to the two metal lockers resting against the wall. Walk over and highlight one of the two lockers, once you’ve hoisted it up move the locker aside to reveal the office’s second locked door.

Step 2: Unlocking The Doors

Before cleaning your office you will want to have all three doors unlocked. Unlocking each door is tricky as there is no set door code to input. Instead, each door’s code is randomized. To figure out the code, you will need to highlight one of the numbers on the door’s keypad. If you hear a “click” sound after pressing a number that means you’ve hit the right number. For example, if you hit the number 1 and hear only a beep, erase that number and try again with a different number until you hear the one with the click.

After figuring out the first number, you will need to repeat the process. The door behind the lockers requires a 4-number password to enter, as does the door on your right. After figuring out each of the four-number codes to unlock both doors, ignore the door behind the lockers temporarily and head through the door on the right. As you enter this room you’ll see a machine that dispenses water buckets, a machine that doles out garbage bins, and the third and final office door.

This door is the hardest to unlock as it requires a 17-number code. Be sure to write down the numbers as you figure them out, because the last number is a mystery. If you select the wrong number the code will wipe, requiring you to re-enter the 16 digits all over again before trying another number.

Step 3: Cleaning Up The Mess

You may have already noticed that your office has no incinerator to burn all of the trash and viscera you’ve found through the doors. Instead, there’s a trapdoor on the floor outside the third and final door with the 17-digit code. You can open and close this trapdoor as needed to dump all of your waste. This will get a little tricky with the two white bodybags located within the room you unlock via the third door.

One way to dispose of these gigantic bodies is to leave the trapdoor closed and enter the room. Once in the room, simply pick up the corpse and shove it through the door and into the other room being sure to set the bag far enough away from the trapdoor so that you can open it. While it may not seem possible, the intact bodybag can indeed be shoved down the trapdoor's hole with enough coaxing and patience.

Once you’ve disposed of the biggest pieces of viscera in your office, the rest boils down to mopping up the blood and collecting trash. How you decide to tackle this is entirely up to you. Although, one way to do it would be to isolate each room starting with the room behind the third door. To collect small pieces of viscera and garbage, carry a yellow trash bin with you and dump each piece inside of it. After that, simply pick up the bin and carry it back to the trapdoor.

The first room you should mop is the room behind the third door where you found the two large bodybags. After that, proceed to the room behind the two lockers. Lastly, clean up the remaining portions of your office. To make this process easier there is a cheat code you can enter to save time. The code requires you to select the tilde key (~) and input the command prompt “killnearestmess”. You can use this code as often as you like. Make sure you've dumped all of your dirty water buckets down the trapdoor, as well as your full garbage bins. If you want to dispose of the pesky barrels and boxes lying about the office you can do so without penalty.

Finally, after you’ve given everything one last look using your sensor, proceed to the exit door located by your office’s computer terminal and click on the door to exit. If you cleaned everything perfectly, the achievement “Clean Freak” will unlock immediately after you’ve exited and returned to Viscera Cleanup Detail’s main menu!

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