5 Must-Play RPG Maker Horror Games

We shine a spotlight on five indie RPG Maker horror games that you should definitely check out.

The RPG Maker community is one deserving of respect, as it’s always brimming with creative talent and open support of all its ongoing indie projects. The RPG Maker horror game scene is one that has been well received by countless game reviewers and YouTube creators via the ever-popular Let’s Play videos.

With so many reasons to enjoy these games, we’ve compiled a list of the five RPG Maker horror games (both released and upcoming) that are definitely worth checking out!

5. Stray Cat Crossing

Largely inspired by the likes of Alice in Wonderland, Pan’s Labyrinth, Spirited Away, and Nightmare Before Christmas, Stray Cat Crossing is a surreal indie horror game developed by Jurlo and Jet Pack Long with no shortage of dark and whimsical themes.

Stray Cat Crossing’s most notable feature includes its colorful cast of characters who speak in riddles, some very challenging puzzles, and a distinct 16-bit pixel art style that is reminiscent of earlier Persona titles. It also boasts an ambient rock OST that does a wonderful job of setting the mood as you uncover the clues to a dark and twisted past hidden within the game. Stray Cat Crossing is a 2-4 hour adventure perfect with a cup of hot tea on a rainy day.

4. Mad Father

Mad Father is equal parts murder mystery and survival horror game developed by Sen. It requires the completion of various puzzles and discovery of hidden clues in order to piece the game’s sinister plot, with three different endings to the game based off of the player’s choices. Mad Father’s story follows the main character, Aya, who lost her mother at a very young age. As a result, she develops a strong bond with her father even though he’s always locked away in his secret lab which she is forbidden to enter.

One fateful night, Aya hears the screams of her father from the basement and as she runs to check on him she encounters a swarm of ghouls and ghosts that have broken free from her father’s lab. It’s now up to Aya to save her father, and uncover the truth of what happened to her mother. This RPG Maker horror game is extremely engrossing, and one that’s worth multiple playthroughs thanks to its three memorable endings.

3. Aria’s Story

Aria is a girl who loves spending time at the library, and is a voracious book reader. She can typically be found inside a fairy tale-esque library looking for the newest books on its shelves. In Aria’s Story, it’s just another day of browsing through books at the library and getting lost within the pages, except things go awry after Aria falls asleep while reading a new book. She awakes to an empty library with all the doors locked.

As she looks for a way to leave, she stumbles upon a hidden door and behind the hidden door lies another world, beckoning her to begin her own story. Aria’s Story is currently still in development, but there’s a wonderful 15-20 minute demo of the game available to try out. It’s gameplay focuses mainly on storytelling, exploration, puzzles and multiple endings, and overall looks to be an extremely promising RPG Maker title.

2. Blank Dream

Blank Dream is an indie horror game by Kanawo of Teriyaki Tomato that confronts the controversial topic of suicide. The story begins with Mishiro, a 16-year-old who has frequent thoughts of leaving the real world behind in exchange for the metaphysical one.

Without warning, she finds herself stuck in limbo with no recollection of what happened or how she got there. This new world is dark and filled with hidden dangers, lost souls, and mirrors that slowly reveal the events that lead Mishiro to this strange new realm. Blank Dream is heavily based on exploration and puzzle solving, and tt does a fantastic job of keeping you eerily unsettled for the entirety of the game.

1. Pocket Mirror

With its release coming in as little as two days, Pocket Mirror can be described as a gorgeous mystery horror game with an array of dark secrets to unveil. The gameplay in Pocket Mirror is comparative to IB and The Witch’s House, which are both fairly popular among the RPG Maker community.

The characters resemble porcelain dolls in Japanese Lolita-style attire, and the artwork has a strong Alice in Wonderland feel to it. The developers have stated that we can expect progressive story and an abundance of complex puzzles and riddles. There is a lot of hype surrounding this game’s release, so be sure to check it out when it drops!

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