Devil Daggers Tips

A few tips and tricks to help you last longer in Devil Daggers.

Devil Daggers is an incredibly fun FPS shooter developed by Sorath. The following Devil Daggers tips are aimed at players with a basic understanding of the game, but who are still struggling to hit 100 or 200 seconds. In Devil Daggers, each second counts, and being able to quickly assess a situation means the difference between beating your high score and restarting the game.

1. How to Move Faster in Devil Daggers

Increase your movement speed in Devil Daggers by bunny-hopping, the old school term for continually jumping as you run. If you do it right, you will be zipping around the map watching as the field-of-view shifts with each landing. This is important because everything in Devil Daggers is faster than you, and everything kills you in one hit. The only advantage you have is that you’re able to make tight turns while everything else struggles. Use this to your advantage!

2. Leveling Your Devil Daggers

Arguably one of the best Devil Daggers tips is to try and upgrade your Daggers as fast as possible. Your Devil Daggers will increase in power the more Gems you absorb. After absorbing 10 Gems you fire more Daggers. When you collect 70 Gems your Daggers get another significant upgrade in damage and quantity. Not only that, but whenever your hand sparkles blue, you can right-click to send out homing Daggers, but use them wisely because they’re limited, only to be recharged by collecting more Gems.

After killing the first Spider I and taking its Gem, you should receive your first upgrade. Make sure you take the time to collect all the Gems dropped by the Skull II and Skull III (Ram-looking things) enemies and Squid I and Squid II (spinning towers) enemies from the very beginning. If you are able to dispatch the second Spider I followed by the first Centipede I, you will be a few Gems away from receiving your second power-up!

3. Catching Gems

Having trouble collecting the Gems when they’re dropped? Stop shooting for a couple of seconds and watch as they fly toward you. Whenever you’re shooting or blasting with the shotgun, the Gems are pushed away from you, making it harder to catch them.

4. Dagger Jump

While you may not think jumping is an important Devil Daggers tip, it has the potential to save your life when you’re caught in a jam. At your top speed, aim at the ground and fire a single blast of your Devil Daggers while jumping, this will send you soaring into the air and over any obstacles. This move can be difficult to pull off, but once you have it worked out it can be used to quickly catch a breather or give an aerial view of what creatures are in pursuit.

5. Kill the Little Skulls Last

The swarm of little skulls, known as Skull I, are the easiest enemies to dispatch thanks to their poor maneuvering skills, and as such, should not be the focus of your attacks. Instead, focus on taking out the Skull II and Skull III enemies and the Squid I and Squid II enemies while only taking a few seconds to thin out the swarm behind you whenever you’re in a clearing. Your focus should be to take down the laughing Skulls IIIs and the Spider Is, followed by the Squid I and II, then Centipede I.

Despite the Centipedes being large, they are a minor threat compared to the other critters in the arena. If too many Squids clutter the center of the room, run around the perimeter while shooting toward the center as doing this can net you some easy kills. Use these Devil Daggers tips all together and you will find your high score improving before your eyes!

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