Zombie Night Terror Trailer

The official game trailer will show you how to become the apocalypse.

Zombie Night Terror by developer NoClip Studios, is a pixelated zombie-themed romp through darkened streets. Rather than act as the role of plucky survivor, you will become the mastermind behind the zombie apocalypse. Your goal is simply to get past the human’s defenses and eat their brains… by any means possible. In the trailer, your first zombie is Bill.

The world looks pretty crowded to the new zombified Bill… but become markedly less packed with mouthbreathers and meatbags after Bill goes on a hunt for human flesh. Bill, alongside his countless zombie pals, will help you traverse over 40 levels as you work to outsmart the humans and rampage your zombies to sweet, sweet success. If you want a zombie army to call your own, look no further than Zombie Night Terror!

Join the apocalypse, check out the trailer below, and buy Zombie Night Terror on Steam before July 27th to get 15% off! 

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