Developer Talks: NoClip Studios

Felicia sits down with the developers of Zombie Night Terror to talk about their new game.

NoClip Studios, the masterminds behind the zombie apocalypse-fueled game Zombie Night Terror, recently sat down with Felicia to discuss what it was like working on their most-recent project. NoClip Studios got its start back in 2015, where it was founded by four developers who met up while working for a different mobile game developer.

Based out of Marseille, France, the team began their adventure working on the fun pixelated zombie adventure two years ago. After two years of hard work, the devs at NoClip Studios are finally ready to bring their very first game, Zombie Night Terror, to the public with a little help from the guys over at Gambitious.

To learn more about the team behind Zombie Night Terror, check out the full interview below!

Zombie Night Terror is currently available on Steam

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