Learn About Trading In Latest No Man's Sky Trailer

Trading will play an integral part in the upgrade system of No Man’s Sky.

The third trailer in Hello Games’ four-part trailer series that delves into the four key gameplay pillars of No Man’s Sky has been released, and this time the focus is centered on the trading mechanic which will complement the game’s resource-gathering and equipment upgrades. In the new trailer, you'll be able to see how the resources gather from various different planets can be used not only to directly upgrade your spaceship, spacesuit, and laser weapon, but also to negotiate trades with the wide variety of alien races that you will inevitably encounter in the game.

Interacting with these different alien races will be vital, since it allows you to learn the “technologies” (i.e. recipes) needed to craft upgrades in the first place. As you continue to interact with these different alien races, you’ll slowly learn to understand their languages, which can both lead to better trading deals and clue you in on unique trading opportunities. For instance, one alien race might tell you that a certain resource is scarce on their planet, allowing you to trade that resource for a much higher profit.

Be sure to check out the brand new No Man's Sky trailer below!

There’s only one trailer left in the series, and that trailer will focus on the survival element in No Man's Sky. No Man's Sky will be released for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows on August 9th.

If you missed the first two trailers, we have you covered here at Indie Obscura! Be sure to check out the combat trailer for No Man's Sky, and the exploration trailer for No Man's Sky with a look at the beautiful worlds players can explore when the game releases!  Also, be sure to read about how the 18 quintillion planets in No Man's Sky will take up only 6GB of hard drive space.



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