Indie Game Roundup: July 26th, 2016

Five indie games we highly recommend checking out.

It's Roundup time! This week we have an interesting selection of games that include a couple of RPGs, a title that will really test your FPS skills, and even a game with a guy throwing his spear at several unusual looking enemies. Whether you’re more of an FPS fan, or someone looking for a unique title to spice up your game inventory, the following five games are ones we highly recommend checking out!

1. Liege - Coda Games

Liege is an RPG with no shortage of ambition! Planned as a trilogy, Liege's combat system will appeal to fans of FF Tactics and Fire Emblem, with a very deep tactical approach. The game’s tone is dark in nature, so while the art aesthetic looks very inviting, it's written for an adult audience, lending itself to an incredibly gripping story. Check out Liege on Steam Greenlight.

2. Pixel Noir - SWDTech Games

While there are many JRPGs and detective games to be found, there aren’t many games capable of successfully blending the two genres together. Because of that, we couldn’t be more excited for Pixel Noir. With the deep combat system you'd find in traditional JRPGs at your disposal, you’re able to select cases along the way that will either help in proving your innocence for a crime you did not commit… or, you can just be kind and help a stray cat. Check out Pixel Noir on Steam Greenlight

3. Little Devil Inside - Neostream

Little Devil Inside is simply a beautiful title to look at it. While the design, story, and other areas look spot on, you will often find yourself compelled to pause the game and admire it for hours. The scenery, alongside your monster hunting professor, cannot come soon enough. Keep an eye on this one, as it's definitely a potential 2017 hit! Check out Little Devil Inside on Steam Greenlight.

4. Bios - PIXYUL

If Call of Duty is your thing due to the sheer speed of it, or you just enjoy speedrunning in general, then Bios should definitely be in your library. Games that focus on speed need to be tight in regards to gameplay, which this title nails, all while looking really great doing it! Bios is an FPS shooter that should be on more people’s radar. Buy Bios on Steam.

5. Lichtspeer - Lichthund

If the simple mechanic of a guy throwing a spear at a large assortment of weird and unusual creatures sounds appealing, than Lichtspeer is the game for you! This indie title is a fantastic experience full of laughs and good cheer. As an added bonus, the art direction of Lichtspeer is the icing on the cake. Check out Lichtspeer on Steam Greenlight.

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Nicole is a fan of gaming, music, and movies. Feel free to reach her at for questions, concerns, or just good music and movie recommendations!


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