Classic Console Wars

Sega and Nintendo battle it out by releasing mini versions of classic consoles.

Sega and Nintendo are at it again, both releasing miniature versions of their classic 80s consoles. First, Nintendo recently unveiled their adorable Mini-NES, which is a smaller version of the 1983 NES console and includes 30 classic NES titles. The Mini-NES is scheduled to release on November 11th for the purchase price of $60, and will feature hit titles including Metroid, Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros, and The Legend of Zelda.

Not to be outdone, Sega has also decided to join the classic console wars by releasing a mini-Mega Drive and portable Sega Genesis to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. Officially titled The Sega MegaDrive/Genesis Ultimate Retro Games Handheld 25th Sonic the Hedgehog Anniversary Edition, Sega’s mini console is currently available for purchase at $65. The Sega MegaDrive includes an SD card slot, and over 40 classic Sega games, rivaling the 30-game Nintendo offering.

Whether you’re more of a Sega fan, a Nintendo fan, or decide to ignore the rivalry and purchase both for your retro gaming collection, it’s nice to see these classic consoles re-emerge on the market!

Source: Uproxx

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