5 Must-Play Indie Strategy Games

Use your brain power to progress in these five must-play strategy games.

Indie strategy games encapsulate a wide variety of different genres. From strategy games set in the sci-fi realm, to strategic puzzle or platformer games, a good strategy game is one that is able to be challenging while still remaining approachable. Fun strategy games have the unique ability to make you feel overjoyed when you successfully complete an objective because of just how hard you worked for it.

While there are numerous games of note that do all of the above, many of which we’ve already reviewed here at Indie Obscura, here are five more indie strategy games that you should certainly check out!

5. Plague, Inc: Evolved

If you enjoy wreaking chaos and havoc on a global scale, Plague, Inc: Evolved is the game for you. Based off the majorly successful mobile game released for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones, Plague, Inc: Evolved expands upon the positive aspects of the first while adding a few new creative properties to the game. Developed by Ndemic Creations, Plague, Inc: Evolved pits you against all of humanity, as your custom-created pathogen has officially infected Patient Zero.

While Patient Zero proceeds to infect every corner of the world, humanity will naturally try and fight back to survive. You must counteract everything humanity puts forward, in order to successfully bring about total demise. Imagine you’re Brain from Pinky and the Brain, doing the same thing you do every night… trying to take over the world (by killing everyone). Buy Plague, Inc: Evolved on Steam


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