Telltale Bringing Crowd Play To All Future Games

The typical Telltale experience will finally become a more social one thanks to Crowd Play.

Starting with their upcoming Batman game, Telltale Games is aiming to transform all of their future titles into more social experiences by adding in a new feature called “Crowd Play.” With Crowd Play, players will be able to open up their gameplay sessions to a wider audience, and have that audience vote on the decisions they’ll have to make. According to Telltale’s website, when Crowd Play is enabled, both a web URL and a unique game code will be displayed on the player’s screen while they’re playing.

Viewers who navigate to the web link on either a computer or a mobile device can then use the code to “join” the player’s game and begin casting their vote on which option they think the player should pick whenever they’re presented with a choice. There will be two different variations of Crowd Play, one where the player has to pick whichever choice gets the most votes (in the case of a tie, the player will act as the tie-breaker), and one where the player can still make the final call themselves, potentially upsetting the masses if they decide to go against the popular choice.

While a single Crowd Play session can support up to 2,000 individual participants, Telltale says that the feature is meant as more of a local endeavor (bringing friends and family into the experience). Latency issues make Crowd Play unsuitable for livestreaming, though Telltale says they are currently looking into ways to make it a more appealing option for livestreamers in the future. The very first game to include Crowd Play will be Batman: The Telltale Series, the opening episode of which is set to launch next Tuesday, August 2nd.

Telltale explained how they will also be making Crowd Play into a standard feature from here on out, meaning that all upcoming releases such as the third season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead and the second season of Telltale’s A Game of Thrones will include the Crowd Play feature. As of right now, Crowd Play is only available for PC and console versions of Telltale games, which means that players looking to utilize the feature on mobile versions will have to wait a little longer to check out Crowd Play.

Source: Telltale 

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