Cheating is a Winner's Trait in Screencheat

Cheating is the only way to win in this crazy multiplayer FPS.

Remember the days when the video game industry was saturated with titles that included local multiplayer? Days when you’d invite friends over for a few friendly games of 1v1 and there was always that one person who couldn’t help but screencheat their way to victory? Well, it’s time to call that person up and seek out your sweet revenge because Screencheat, a game developed by Samurai Punk, defies all the rules found in your typical split screen first person shooter experience.

In Screencheat, you are encouraged to use your rival’s portion of the screen in order to track them down and take them out. If you choose not to screencheat, you’ll find that you’re going to have a very difficult time as all the players within the game are invisible. The only indicator you have at your disposal is when they use their weapon and by then it may be too late.

To seek out your enemies, you’ll have to make note of which part of the room they are currently located in. This is done by taking note of the color, decor, and overall construction of a particular area since every portion of the map has a distinct appearance. There’s a large selection of weapons to choose including a Candelabra, Blunderbuss, Hobby Horse, Revolver Rifle, Chefolet, and many more questionably fun and outrageous arms.

Screencheat also comes equipped with various game modes and mutations which can transform the game experience completely. One Shot Mode allows you one-shot your opponent, and you are unable to reload until everyone else has either fired their shot, or the timer runs out. The Australian mutator wallpapers everything in the map with the Australian flag, including your weapon. The list of game modes and mutators is pretty long, providing hours upon hours of ridiculous screencheating entertainment.

Screencheat is best played in a local multiplayer environment where you can get up close and personal with your competitors. There is also the option for online multiplayer which is a great alternative on the days when no one wants to leave the comfort of their own gaming chair. It’s an eccentric take on split screen first person shooters that will take you back to the days of playing Timesplitters and Goldeneye. All that in combination with it’s quirky game modes and mods make Screencheat a highly addictive game that is perfect for a party environment or a casual play during any day of the week.

You can purchase Screencheat on Steam, and check out the game's official launch trailer below!

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