5 Must-Play Indie VR Games - The Brookhaven Experiment

Delve into the virtual realm with these fun indie VR games.

3. The Brookhaven Experiment

If you’re a fan of the horror VR scene, we highly recommend checking out this game! The Brookhaven Experiment, by developer Phosphor Games, is equal parts survival and horror game. Players will have to make use of every weapon and tool at their disposal in order to fend off various monstrosities. While trying your best to stay alive, you’ll also be given the option to uncover what caused these strange events to happen, and even how to stop it from happening.

The Brookhaven Experiment is a well-rounded single player experience, one that does a wonderful job convincing you that you’re about to be eaten by a horrific-looking creature. Not for the faint of heart, but if you’re a horror junkie, The Brookhaven Experiment is well worth the time. Buy The Brookhaven Experiment on Steam!

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