Game designer speaks out on developer openness, gamer toxicity

Says developers would be more open if it weren't for gaming culture.

An experienced game designer has spoken out against the toxicity of gaming culture, saying that game devs would be more open if the community weren't so toxic in response.  

He goes on to stress how much developers love to talk about development, but many are hesitant to do so based on the backlash and fears that they will be singled out by communities. Hateful words from other places or figures with audiences can easily lead to harrassment.

The full thread is eye-opening and well worth taking the time to read. The post has led to a number of other developers speaking out, be it on twitter or in response to a Reddit thread, which sadly also received a number of abusive messages that received moderation. It's important to remember that game design is no easy thing, and there are always real people behind the projects we love or hate. We love to hear from developers on the mechanics of game design and secret tricks they implement, so we hope the culture around gaming improves to a point where this becomes more possible.

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