Indie Games You Won't Believe Are Free - SMITE

Check out these five free-to-play indie games that are way too good to be free.


It’s god versus god in Hi-Rez Studios’ hit free-to-play MOBA, Smite. In the game, players will pick from a large selection of gods in order to take part in arena-style combat utilizing strategy, tactics, and teamwork to take down the enemy team. The game includes a wide array of modes to choose from including Conquest, Arena, Joust, and Clash to name just a few.

New players, or people looking to familiarize themselves with a particular god, can utilize the game’s Practice mode, while high-skill players can partake in competitive matches and tournaments, with some of the larger events (Smite World Championship) offering a sizable cash prize pool. While Smite is not currently at the level of MOBAs such as DOTA 2, there’s no denying the game’s rapid growth over the last few years and large, dedicated fan base.

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