Go On A Sleep Deprived Murder Spree In Party Hard

Partying with a side of blood and corpses is on the menu in Party Hard.

The neighbors are having yet another full blown rager that lasts well into the middle of the night. This is the 4th day this week where you haven’t been able to sleep a wink. You’ve tried reasoning with them and nobody seems to care. You’ve called the cops and even they can’t seem to stop the excessive partying. In Party Hard, a stealth strategy game by Pinolk Games, you take matters into your own bloodthirsty hands.

Unlike your typical stealth strategy game, Party Hard allows you to mingle amongst your enemies and become one with the party by taking a leisurely stroll and dancing to one of your favorite songs. Meanwhile, you’ll be looking for opportunities to kill off unsuspecting partygoers without being caught in the act. This calls for you to get innovative with your assassination attempts, though it’s not as hard as you may think. The hectic party environment lends itself to unfortunate freak occurrences such as chemical fires, electrocution, animal attacks, and so on.

You can also use a variety of power-ups that will ease your workload, but some may trigger events that will place you in immediate danger. For example, using explosives may trigger the SWAT team who will initiate an attack on everyone, including yourself. Our best advice to you is to try keeping your own mortality in mind. As for character selection, there are five personalities to choose from, each with a set of unique traits and setbacks.

You’ll begin with Darius, the Party Hard killer and the man driven to murderous insanity due to his rowdy neighbors and lack of sleep.Upon beating the game with Darius, you’ll unlock the cop. Completing a level without partygoers discovering any bodies unlocks the ninja, while other characters can be unlocked in a variety of additional ways. These unlockable characters add a bit of challenge and a new spin on gameplay, which ups the game’s replayability.

Party Hard is a game that can be completed in one night of gory jubilation. It’s suited for tacticians who enjoy a dash of dark comedy with a side of Hotline Miami inspired pixel-art and synth-fueled 80s dance music. There are moments when gameplay becomes repetitive, but Party Hard combats this with its colorful personality and ability to poke fun at 80s mainstream pop culture.

You can buy Party Hard on Steam, and will soon have the ability to grab the game on iOS, Android, and other platforms!

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