RunGunJumpGun Releases This Month

How ThirtyThree’s upcoming platformer will be released to PC at the end of August.

It was recently announced that Gambitious Entertainment will be publishing indie developer ThirtyThree’s upcoming action platformer, RunGunJumpGun, this month for PC and Mac. The game, set amidst a space-opera universe, is a stylized 2D retro platformer with gameplay that centers around a giant gravity-defying gun.

Players will navigate through a diverse set of alien landscapes while attempting to avoid various obstacles and death traps. To do this, players will have to utilize the game’s two-button controls, one to fly through the air and the other to blast forward. Furthermore, RunGunJumpGun’s quick pace and lighting fast respawns keep players in constant motion in a nonstop action-packed dash to survive.

RunGunJumpGun includes over 120 levels of delightful chaos and mayhem through three unique worlds, each offering their own challenges that require quick reflexes and brain power to master. There are also a wide variety of pickups, and even a globally ranked marathon mode for players looking to flaunt their prowess.

RunGunJumpGun is set to release for PC and Mac on August 31st, and will be available for purchase on Steam, Green Man Gaming, and the Mac App Store. For more info, head on over to RunGunJumpGun’s official website to learn more about this exciting new platformer!

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