Explore The Ocean Floor In Diluvion This Fall

Gambitious partners with Arachnid Games to publish the underwater adventure, Diluvion.

Fans of underwater adventures have another exciting game to look forward to this fall as Gambitious recently announced a partnership with indie developer Arachnid Games to publish their unique underwater exploration game Diluvion. The game, inspired by the works of Jules Verne and popular ship-to-ship combat titles including Wing Commander and Freelancer, whisks players to a mysterious ocean floor landscape.

The dark and mysterious realms found at the deepest depths of the ocean are traversable courtesy of Diluvion’s signature ship, which sports a vaguely Steampunk aesthetic. Players will be able to take command of this ship in order to farm necessary resources, and interact with a vast civilization residing within the ocean.

The game’s story is a fascinating one in which a catastrophic flood devastates the world, forcing humanity to retreat deep underwater beneath a layer of impenetrable ice to survive. Of course, not everything is peaceful amidst humanity’s survivors, as players will encounter various factions, mercenaries, and countless secrets. In Diluvion, you’re an underwater pirate of sorts as you collect treasure, trade goods and bounties, and even battle it out with enemy vessels in real-time 3D action. Furthermore, the threats that wait for you are not all human, as sinister sea creatures wait for you in the shadows. 

The game offers nine unique submarines with player-recruited crews. All of these ships can be enhanced and customized with new weapons and components to improve their performance in battle, as well as survivability for those lengthy expeditions. Diluvion is projected to release this fall for Windows PC and Mac via Steam. 

To stay up-to-date with Diluvion, be sure to head over to Diluvion’s official website, check out the Diluvion Steam page, and watch the brand new Diluvion announcement trailer below! 

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