Evolve Stage 2's Cataclysm Update Turns Up The Heat

This week’s update for Evolve Stage 2 adds in two major features.

As part of Evolve’s month-long Shear Madness event, Turtle Rock is releasing significant updates for the game during each week of the month of August, and this week’s update is for players who don’t mind getting a little toasty. The Cataclysm update brings Evolve up to version 2.05 while also adding in two major new features. The first is a “Cataclysm” variant of the core game’s Orbital Drill map which floods the map with lava and causes meteors to fall from the sky.

According to the update’s official patch notes, these meteors come in two varieties; orange meteors which can damage both monsters and hunters on impact while leaving a damaging field once they land, and green meteors which actually do the opposite, healing any characters in their impact field and leaving a healing aura on the ground. The update also adds in a new co-op vs. AI playlist in which players can either team up with friends or be matchmade with three other players to take on AI-controlled monsters.

Co-op players will still be able to earn XP and Silver Keys while playing, ensuring that the mode doesn’t wind up feeling like an afterthought. Turtle Rock also says that the playlist is simply the first step in its ongoing initiative to bring co-op into Evolve Stage 2. The Cataclysm update is the second of five major updates which Turtle Rock will be unveiling throughout the month of August. The next update will be revealed on Tuesday, August 16th, and fans can also keep tabs on what Turtle Rock is working on thanks to the developer’s new open development platform.

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