Can't Touch That: RunGunJumpGun Preview

Don't touch the obstacles as you gun your way to victory in this challenging indie platformer game. 

Fans of brutally difficult games will find a lot to love in RunGunJumpGun. This sci-fi indie platformer raises the difficulty bar higher than you could ever imagine, while still managing to be thrillingly enjoyable. In the game, you are are a lone man wandering through space interacting with a host of strange alien lifeforms.

Your goal is to collect minerals called "Atomiks" all while avoiding the countless perils that surround you (can't touch this). To help you in your quest, you’re given a gigantic gun.

Your trusty gun has unlimited ammo, and acts as sort of a “jetpack” to help you traverse a wide variety of different levels. Each of these different levels contain unique (and increasingly difficult), dangers that you will have to train yourself to avoid in order to reach the end. In that sense, RunGunJumpGun is equal parts strategy, timing, and memory based.

There are only two buttons on your keyboard that you have to worry about; left shift to propel yourself through the air, and right shift to shoot. If you think this stripped-down button configuration simplifies things, you’re dead wrong.

The first thing the game tasks you with learning is the art of properly using your gun jetpack-style. Holding the shift button will launch your character up towards the ceiling, and he’ll continue to zoom upwards until he hits an obstacle and dies, or until you release the shift key. The tutorials tell you not to “tap” the shift key, yet this is a bit of soft misdirection. Obviously, you cannot hold the shift key indefinitely, as many of the obstacles you’ll encounter reside on the ceiling above you.

The movement is akin to the addictive mobile game, Flappy Bird. This is because in the opening levels of RunGunJumpGun, the sweet spot is somewhere around the middle. Staying in the middle? Not exactly the easiest chore. Things become even more complicated as stopping, or getting stuck near an obstacle, will also result in death as the wall (aka certain demise) closes in behind you.

Therefore, you need to constantly keep moving, while collecting resources, while also keeping your gun’s propulsion steady. And just when you think you’ve got everything locked down… the difficulty ramps up once more.

You’re probably saying to yourself, I understand the aspects of running and jumping, but when do I get to shoot things? Sooner than you’d think! Have you ever played that online running simulator QWOP? If so, altering between each shift key will give you flashbacks of trying to train your fingers to properly hit the QWOP keys in the right order to guide your runner to victory (or have him inch along the track on his knees, we’ve resorted to that tactic ourselves so we’re not judging). Accompanying this tricky romp through space is a fun, melodic synth soundtrack that helps excite and motivate you. 

To be honest, dying in RunGunJumpGun really isn’t that bad. Death is instantaneous, and will result in your guy being whisked back in time to the beginning of the level to try his luck again. This means you’ll have ample opportunities to learn where the dangers are, and to prepare your strategy for avoiding them. It will also help you get better at maneuvering! So if you love skill-based games like Dark Souls, Flappy Bird, QWOP, or games that bestow upon you a challenge and dare you to best it, RunGunJumpGun is the game for you!

Be sure to check out RunGunJumpGun’s official Steam page, and show the game what you’re made of when it releases on August 31st! Also, if you’re having a bit of trouble, stay tuned as we’re creating a guide to help you get through some of RunGun’s hardest levels!

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