Game Dev Tweets: Overworked and Hilarious Edition

Game devs have it tough but at least they can maintain their sense of humor.

When it comes to game development, much of the work that goes on behind the scenes is never seen by the general public. However, game developers are important to us at Indie Obscura, and we want to shine a spotlight on just how much time and hard work they pour into their games. Twitter has opened a window into the process of game development that was never there before.

Developers often post their pictures of bugs and their team hard at work (or taking a much-needed break), so we’ve compiled 8 of the most hilarious game dev tweets we could find!

This is what happens when your enthusiasm for combat surpasses the laws of physics. Sir Isaac Newton? Who’s that?

This bear is single-handedly redefining the meaning of happy feet. Or should we say "karate feet."

This gives us the creeps. Also, throwing a chair didn't seem to help despite the character's hilarious change of expression. We don’t suggest playing this game if you’re sensitive to flashing lights.


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