PaperSeven Tugs At Your Emotions In Blackwood Crossing

Embark on a surreal adventure which explores the concepts of love and having to grow up in Blackwood Crossing.

At this week’s Gamescom event, British indie developer PaperSeven debuted a new trailer for the upcoming adventure game Blackwood Crossing, a game which will use surrealistic elements to tell a haunting coming-of-age story. In Blackwood Crossing, players control a teenage girl named Scarlett who wakes up on a train alongside her younger brother Finn. However, players will soon discover that the seemingly ordinary train ride is anything but. Here’s an excerpt from Blackwood Crossing’s synopsis:

“Blackwood Crossing is a story-driven first-person adventure game. A haunting tale of intrigue and mystery. You play as Scarlett, a teenager finding her way in the world. You wake up disoriented to find yourself and your younger brother, Finn, inexplicably travelling on a moving train.”

“But when a mysterious figure appears, it’s clear that this is no ordinary train ride. It’s the beginning of a magical voyage steeped in life, love and loss. Navigating this powerful drama — where the world, and your abilities develop in extraordinary ways — you are forced to examine your relationship with Finn.”

“You are orphans, and your relationship has always been strong. However, adolescence has opened the door to new interests, and you’ve been growing apart. As you gradually uncover the depths of Finn’s anguish, the consequences of your remoteness become shockingly clear.”

The above trailer shows that Blackwood Crossing will allow players to explore a vibrant and colorful world as part of its gameplay, but that it also has undertones of horror interspersed throughout. Blackwood Crossing is set to be released on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 later this year. For more information on the game, and the full synopsis, be sure to check out Blackwood Crossing’s official website.

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