The Most Terrifying Video Game Enemies Of All Time

These terrifying antagonists will have you sleeping with one eye open.

One of the most haunting aspects of horror games, or even horror films, are their monsters. These shadowy enemies can take the shape of tall men will eerily long limbs, or even as a crying zombie you feel both sympathetic for while also being scared out of your mind. No matter what horror games you prefer to play, the following video game enemies are some of the most terrifying ones you'll encounter. So be sure to keep the lights on! 

Slender Man

Slender Man is the hauntingly tall, rail-thin, pale and faceless entity you’ve probably seen scattered across the internet. His nebulous reputation precedes him, fueled by the folklore and wildly popular horror games that he stars in. We don’t know much about Slender Man, other than his creepy tendency to stalk his prey and lurk in heavily forested areas.

His supernatural talents include inducing paranoia and psychologically torturing his victims before they mysteriously vanish without a trace. To put it simply, he’s horrifying. Whether you’re collecting pages in the forest or attempting to solve the mysterious disappearance of a friend, Slender Man’s ominous presence will instill fear in even the most courageous gamers.



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