No Man's Sky - Science Officer's Guide To Resources (Page 2)

A list of all the resources in No Man’s Sky and where you can find them.


Neutral resources are labelled by a green square with a white brick and are used primarily for trading purposes and crafting Starship components. If you have the recipes, you can also use Neutrals to craft Alloys, which are metals used to create more advanced components. Iridium - Uncommon

Value: 96.3

Iridium is found within asteroid clusters and appears as a star-like rock. Iridium can be found on planets, though to a lesser extent. To find Iridium you should look for curving rock deposits. Iridium is used in the creation of numerous blueprints with the most notable components dealing with the Multi-Tool.

Copper - Uncommon

Value: 110

Copper can be found in floating rocks on planets or in asteroids and is used in a variety of blueprints relating to weaponry.

Nickel - Uncommon

Value: 137.5

Nickel can most easily be found in asteroids orbiting planets and is used in the creation of Starship engine components.

Aluminium - Rare

Value: 165

Aluminium can be found on planets in spiky green crystals as well as in asteroids. Aluminium is used in crafting components, with the most notable being Health Modules.

Gold - Rare

Value: 220

Gold can be found in rocks that share a strong resemblance to Emeril as both have a vibrant, yellow surface. Gold is used in the creation of alloys and blueprints for your weapons and engines.

Emeril - Rare

Value: 275

Emeril can be found in vast quantities in large golden-looking rocks that can often be confused with Gold. Emeril is an element that can be used in trading to create great wealth or as part of a blueprint to create a better Warp Reactor.


Exotic resources are labelled with a purple square and a white brick and are used in crafting high-end equipment for your Starship, Exosuit, and Multi-Tool. They are extremely rare and difficult to find, hence their high trade value.

Calium - Very Rare

Value: 288.8

Calium can be found on extremely hostile planets and because of this, is risky to acquire. Search for Calium in light-green spheres on dangerous and toxic planets, and in blobby creatures. Calium is used in creating the Reload Accelerant Theta for the Boltcaster as well as trading at merchants or the Galactic Trade Network.

Murrine - Very Rare

Value: 302.5

Murrine can be found in plant life as well as on moons in pillars of golden balls. It is used for trading thanks to its high value.

Radnox - Very Rare

Value: 302.5

Radnox can be found on hostile planets and appears as round rocks. Radnox is used in trading thanks to its high value.

Omegon - Very Rare

Value: 309.4

Omegon is found by feeding animals, trading with merchants, or by dismantling ship components. Omegon is used in crafting Jetpack and Starship Phase Beam upgrades.

If you followed this list you should now have a firm grasp on how to find all resources in No Man’s Sky. Once you’ve found these resources, you should also have a better grasp on how best to use them.


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