Shocking Twists in Games That Will Surprise You (SPOILERS)

These video game moments are ones we’re certain you didn’t see coming.

Video games have the unique ability to tell their stories through player interaction, subtlety, and even misdirection. While countless aspects of the games you love are straightforward, guiding you effortlessly through to the end, others are a bit more on the vague side.

There are a few moments in particular that we really loved, as each game’s cryptic hints brought us closer and closer to exciting revelations we never saw coming. Below, we compiled a list of shocking twists in games that will surprise you.

Note: Each of these contains massive spoilers, so proceed with caution!


Abzu is a delightful, colorful underwater adventure game where you’re free to explore the vast ocean depths at a leisurely pace. Despite the game’s free exploration mechanic, graceful music, and lack of dialogue, Abzu does indeed have a story. It chooses to unfold the story slowly, and through a variety of abstract clues.

Because of this, the twist near Abzu’s end can come as quite a surprise if you haven’t been paying attention. Before we spoil the biggest twist, another surprise is that the shark you assume is the antagonist (after all, he eats one of your robot friends) is actually not your enemy.

However, the biggest twist in Abzu revolves around the backstory of the female diver. Over the course of the game, you’ll start to notice her odd, superhuman abilities. For example, the ability to hold her breath underwater indefinitely, and when you have to open doors later on in the game, her superhuman strength.

The shocking twist is revealed after your diver is repeatedly electrocuted, something that would likely kill a normal person… except it doesn’t. As it turns out, your diver is not human at all, and is instead a strange android on a quest to help repopulate the ocean floor with marine life.


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