No Man's Sky - Safety Officer's Multi-Tool Guide

Everything you need to know about the Multi-Tool in No Man’s Sky.

In No Man’s Sky you rely entirely on your Multi-Tool. The Multi-Tool lets you mine for resources, break down a building’s defences, defend yourself from Sentinels, and even dispose of hostile fauna, so knowing how to upgrade it is of utmost importance.

Below, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide that every safety officer should read in regards to properly utilizing your Multi-Tool in No Man’s Sky.

How To Find Multi-Tool Upgrades

To find new Multi-Tools in No Man’s Sky, you should check outposts that have a landing pad as they have a high chance of having a Multi-Tool inside. Always agree to let an alien lifeform inspect your Multi-Tool. They will take it from you and upgrade it, offer you a new component, or offer you a brand new Multi-Tool.

Space anomalies have Multi-Tools as well so don’t be afraid to approach. A bit of exploration can go a long way in No Man’s Sky. You may even stumble across some Multi-Tools in places not listed above. Keep your eyes peeled!

Multi-Tool Upgrade Levels

Multi-Tool upgrades come in four different power levels: Sigma, Tau, Theta, and Omega. As the upgrade increases in power, so does the cost. All of the different Multi-Tool power levels work with one another. This means that there’s no need to dismantle a Tau to replace it with a Theta if you have enough room to keep both.

It is easy to tell what level the upgrade is without having to read its assigned Greek letter. Simply look at the small Diamond, Flame, or two Arrows (these indicate whether the upgrade is used for Mining, Damage, or increased Efficiency) and note the number beside them. The number 1 indicates Sigma, and the number 2 indicates Tau, and so forth.

Multi-Tool Mining vs. Combat Upgrades

If you’re tossing up between what upgrades to install, think about the primary way in which you use your Multi-Tool. Do you mainly use it to mine or are you more of a hunter? It is a good idea to opt for mining upgrades over combat, as you can always run from combat and live to fight another day. Also, opting for mining upgrades allows you to mine faster and earn more Units.

As with most things in No Man’s Sky, upgrading your Multi-Tool costs credits, so be sure to use our No Man's Sky financier’s handbook which contains proven methods of earning Units quickly. While the Plasma Launcher is primarily used for combat purposes, do not underestimate its usefulness in mining. By firing a Plasma Grenade at a stack of resources, you can quickly and easily mine vast quantities in a very short amount of time.

How To Use The Multi-Tool Efficiently

When you begin firing the Multi-Tool’s mining beam, you’ll notice the bar filling. Exceeding the optimal firing time will cause the Multi-Tool to overheat. A way around this is to fire the Multi-Tool for as long as you please, ensuring to release the trigger before it overheats. Once your finger is off the trigger, watch the beam and as soon as it disappears, begin shooting again.

Instead of the overheating bar refilling from the point where you hit the trigger, it will start from the very beginning. You can use this to your advantage to cut down on waiting time between firing. You’ll soon get a feel for your own Multi-Tool’s cooldown time, to the point where you won’t even need to focus on the beam of light.

How To Move Quickly With The Multi-Tool

This trick uses both the Multi-Tool and the Jetpack. Begin sprinting in the direction you wish to travel, then very quickly hit the melee button and Jetpack button. If done correctly, you will lunge forward while the jetpack gives you an extra boost and uou will find yourself skidding over the ground much faster than a standard jog.

This works because when you press melee during a sprint, you do a shoulder charge instead of a melee. By hitting your Jetpack at just the right moment during this shoulder charge, your forward momentum is transferred to the Jetpack.

That’s it for our safety officer’s guide to everything you need to know about the Multi-Tool in No Man’s Sky! Have questions? Be sure to ask them in the comments below!

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