The Best Video Game Cover Songs Of All Time

Sit back and enjoy these talented game lovers as they cover their favorite gaming songs.

When you picture some of your favorite video game memories, what comes to mind? Undoubtedly the imagery and gameplay, but what about the music? Video game music is an art unique unto itself, one that we love to discuss here at Indie Obscura.

Today, we had a lengthy chat about some of our favorite video game covers and narrowed our lengthy list down to our top eleven favorite video game cover songs of all time! 

Pokemon GO Walking Map Theme covered by Little V Mills

Not only did Little V Mills cover Niantic’s Pokemon GO walking map theme, but he donned his best Pokemon attire as he treads through the woods, allowing us to enjoy both his epic guitar playing skills and a beautiful view.

Undertale Megalovania Acapella covered by Smooth McGroove

Smooth McGroove is a man with an epic beard… oops, we meant to say impressive vocal abilities! On YouTube, he combines his vocal skills in such a way that it creates wonderfully unique musical covers unlike any others. Undertale’s OST is one our faves here at Indie Obscura, so we had to check him out as he sings the Megalovcania theme acapella style.

Zelda Medley covered by Lindsay Stirling

What would this list be without Lindsay Stirling? She’s one of the most recognizable violinists today, and has subsequently given us some of the best video game covers of all time! Good music and Lindsay in her Link costume prancing through the woods as she plays? Yes please!



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