The Best Video Game Cover Songs Of All Time - Page 3

Sit back and enjoy these talented game lovers as they cover their favorite gaming songs.

Journey Medley covered by Taylor Davis

Journey, a critically acclaimed indie game by Thatgamecompany, was renowned for its amazing soundtrack which was both orchestrated and composed by Austin Wintory. Taylor Davis is another talented musician whose magical covers of video game themes are adored by many. For us, this medley is one of them, and you seriously can't beat those visuals!

The Binding of Isaac Repentant covered by JbPianiste

JbPianiste, a wildly talented piano player, takes on the roguelike dungeon crawler, The Binding of Isaac, in this intricate cover of Repentant. We encourage you to sit back and enjoy this wonderful work of art, as it will certainly mesmerize you.

Pokemon GO Overworld Theme covered by w3sp

Niantic’s Pokemon GO Overworld Theme is possibly one of the most iconic themes of the year. Pokemon brought together gamers and non-gamers alike in ways the world has never seen before. This cover by w3sp is stunningly beautiful and makes us want to take a walk and catch some Pokemon!

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