New No Man's Sky PC Mod Released

Learn how you can do more with your ship with this new No Man’s Sky PC mod.

While Hello Games is busy making sure all of No Man’s Sky’s technical issues get sorted out, some fans of the game’s PC version have already begun making their own unofficial mods, with one mod being so thoroughly praised that Hello Games may want to consider making its additional functionality a permanent part of the game.

The mod in question is called LowFlight and, as you might guess from its name, features the main function of allowing players to fly their ships close to the surface of a planet. Normally, when a player flies close enough to a planet, their ship automatically lands. However, with the LowFlight mod installed, they can take a scenic tour of the planet’s surface without ever disembarking.

The mod’s creator, a user with the digital handle hytek, warns that running your ship into solid terrain will cause it to take damage, but otherwise flying your ship low to the ground is an excellent way to scout out a planet’s inhabitants and resources. The LowFlight mod also allows players to take their ship underwater, and while they’re in their ship, they can look in any direction (the non-modded base game normally locks the player’s viewpoint in a forward position while flying their ship). The mod is a free download and can be found over at the No Man’s Sky Modding community website.

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