Playdead's Inside Brings Puzzle-Based Chills To PlayStation 4

Gamers can now experience Inside across all three major platforms.

Inside, the atmospheric puzzle-horror game from Limbo developer Playdead, has officially arrived on PlayStation 4 after a brief period of Xbox One/PC exclusivity. The plot of Inside is never explicitly conveyed to the player. Instead, the player controls a lone boy as he ventures through a grim world, avoiding dangers such as hostile humans, dogs, robots, and other terrors.

The game doesn’t include any spoken dialogue and is very light on direct exposition, leaving it up to players to interpret exactly what is happening. In addition to avoiding enemies, the player must also solve various puzzles in order to proceed through Inside’s linear and moody environments.

Playdead originally unveiled Inside back in 2014 before releasing it for both Xbox One and PC back in June of this year. The game can now be purchased via the PlayStation Store for $19.99, meaning that gamers can enjoy Inside across all three major platforms!

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