Evolve Stage 2 Gets New Co-Op Story Mission

The new mission in Evolve Stage 2 offers players a more linear experience.

As part of its month-long Shear Madness series of updates for Evolve Stage 2, Turtle Rock has released a new update that adds in the Evolve Stage 2’s very first co-op story mission. The mission is called “The Deepest Dark,” and unlike Evolve’s co-op vs. AI playlist that pits four players against an AI monster in an otherwise typical match, The Deepest Dark has a more structured format in which players have to progress through a linear level and confront the Queen of Gorgons.

In the official announcement post for The Deepest Dark, Turtle Rock says that the story mission is an experiment (hence its label as a “beta” mission), but that if fans take to it well, future story missions are certainly in the cards, and they could even come together in a cohesive story campaign. You can watch a trailer for The Deepest Dark above.

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