Developer Talks: Vile Monarch

Vile Monarch is back with a new insult simulator game inspired by Monty Python.

In the past, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Kacper and Grzegorz from the indie studio Vile Monarch, to talk about their new RTS game Crush Your Enemies. However, the duo isn’t content to rest at one successful indie title and are back with an updated, improved version of their game Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator.

You may be asking yourself, what is this game and how do I play? Well, Oh… Sir! is the full realization of Vile Monarch’s 2015 title released for free on Steam. What’s even more impressive is that the game was developed in under 42 hours for the amJam game jam. You can test it out for free on Steam, and if you’re excited for the complete version like we are, check out our interview with the developers below!

As you can tell, the game sounds incredible, and we’re definitely huge fans of these two! We’ll have more information for you closer to the game’s release, and if you want to keep up with these two comedic characters be sure to follow Vile Monarch on Twitter , and check out the official Vile Monarch website .

For more on Vile Monarch be sure to check out our original interview with Vile Monarch about Crush Your Enemies and the Polish metal scene, our first look at Vile Monarch's upcoming game Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator, and learn more about why the developers are so talented in our review of their game Crush Your Enemies!  

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