Which Indie Games Were Among This Year's Most-Hyped Titles?

The appeal may not have lasted, but these games were among the most anticipated titles this year.

Steam Spy, an unofficial service that tracks the popularity of games available via Valve’s Steam service, has just released its results for 2016 so far, and what the results show is surprising in some regards and not-so-surprising in others. According to Steam Spy’s creator, a man named Sergei Galyonkin, some of the most hyped games for 2016 included No Man’s Sky, Firewatch, Hyper Light Drifter, Plague Inc., and Abzu:

Galyonkin explained that Steam Spy analyzes a game’s concurrent users on launch day and then does so again two weeks after the game has launched. A severe drop-off in users is measured as “hype” while a massive increase in users is measured as “surprise.” All of the above games fell into the hype category while indie games like Stardew Valley and Enter The Gungeon wound up in the “surprise” category.

Galyonkin also clarified that hype and surprise aren’t metrics which should be used to measure a game’s success but are instead insights into how the gaming community revolves around hype both before and after a game is released.

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