5 Seriously Fun Multiplayer Games

These five indie multiplayer games will be impossible to stop playing.

If you’ve been feeling a little lonely and are looking for a few enjoyable multiplayer games to play with friends, we have just the solution! Finding a great multiplayer game can be hard, and it’s even harder to find multiplayer games that let you remain friends. All too often, multiplayer games focus on pitting you and your friends against one another to show each other who’s boss. While this is a blast, there are also a few multiplayer games that can be played a variety of other ways as well.

Below, we’ve picked out five of the best multiplayer games that you and your friends will have a blast playing!

5. Castle Crashers

The Behemoth has undoubtedly created one of the most enjoyable 2D hack-and-slash multiplayer games of all time. You and up to four friends can play either locally, or online, and work together to defend your kingdom, crash some castles, and of course, rescue the lovely princess.

There are over 25 unlockable characters to play as, and 40 different weapons to choose from, which means you’ll never get bored during combat. Overall, we found Castle Crashers to be a delightful medieval romp… as long as you have a few chivalrous friends to join you. Buy Castle Crashers on Steam!


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