TowerFall Ascension Is Coming To Xbox One

Xbox One players can finally put their local multiplayer archery skills to the test.

Indie developer Matt Thorson has confirmed that his hit local multiplayer game TowerFall Ascension will soon be coming to Xbox One. Thorson announced the good news via Twitter, saying that both Ascension and its expansion Dark World will soon be arriving on Microsoft’s current-gen console. While Thorson couldn’t provide a final release period, he did say that the Xbox One version is already in a playable state, which means its release shouldn’t be too far off:

Thorson launched the original TowerFall for the ill-fated Ouya console back in 2013. He then rebranded the game as TowerFall Ascension in 2014 and re-released it under its new name for PC and PlayStation 4. In 2015, he released the game’s Dark World expansion (which adds in a new game mode and other features) as well as a PlayStation Vita version of Ascension.

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