Press Start To Begin: Name These Iconic Characters

Test your gaming knowledge! Do you know the names of these iconic characters?

Iconic Character 1

I love the mountain air up here at night. You want to head out, take a stroll? Go ahead, I'll wait here.

This horror game protagonist will have you trembling inside lockers as you hold your breath. He won’t hesitate to do an experiment on you if it’s in the name of bad science.

Iconic Character 2

Geeettttttt dunked on!!!

This mischievous character is never short on bad puns and pranks. He really cares about his brother and you’ll learn this as you play through the indie RPG he stars in.

Iconic Character 3

I am filled with an irresistible urge to do science.

This dashing character is quite the gentlemen with one of the best beards in the land. He’s also the face of one of the most popular indie survival games out right now.

Iconic Character 4

"What am I seeing? I must be dreaming."

This charming little girl is on a mission to gather the sun, moon and stars so that she can return to her home in 1890’s Austria. She’s the main protagonist in this 2D RPG by Ubisoft.

Iconic Character 5

Here for you, at your Beck and Call.

Does he remind you of one of your all time favorite characters from the good old days of gaming? Well, he should! The game he’s featured in was directed by the same people who worked on Mega Man!

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