Ark: Survival Evolved Launches Its First Expansion

Learn more about the new expansion for Ark: Survival Evolved, Scorched Earth.

Ark: Survival Evolved from developer Studio Wildcard is a popular action-adventure survival title full of intense dinosaur combat. Today, the very first DLC expansion pack for Ark: Survival Evolved was released, and has turned the game on its head. Ark: Survival Evolved’s new Scorched Earth expansion introduces a new desert-themed island to the game, which brings a host of interesting new challenges.

In the Scorched Earth DLC, players can explore the strange desert island which is brutally hot, and water is scarce. There are also hidden clues regarding Ark’s lore in Scorched Earth, as well as 50 new items to craft and brand new creatures to interact with. For example, there is a new dragon-like creature called a Wyvern. Apparently, taming Wyverns is extremely tricky… and dangerous, as there are three different ways they can harm you based on their variety (lightning, fire and poison).

Finally, the expansion has successfully doubled the size of Ark’s in-game realm. At this point in time, Ark: Survival Evolved is still in Early Access and isn’t slated to launch until sometime later in the year. The Scorched Earth DLC expansion costs a $20 and is available for both PC and Xbox One. To explore the Scorched Earth realm, you will need to have purchased the base game, which will run you $30 on Steam unless you catch it on sale. 

Essentially, if you buy both the game and the Scorched Earth DLC you’ll be spending $50 but if you love dinosaurs, Ark: Survival Evolved is certainly a fun and exciting title!

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