Destiny 2 - How to farm Dusklight

An easy way to gather Dusklight for the EDZ Scavenger Challenge.

Planetary materials are items that spawn on each of the four Patrol zones, either the EDZ, Titan, Nessus, or Io. As part of some of the Challenges, you will need to collect upwards of 10 planetary materials in order to complete a challenge. On the European Dead Zone, the planetary material is Dusklight, a crystal-like structure, which spawns all over the map.

How to Farm Dusklight

As part of one of the Challenges on the European Dead Zone, you must find and collect 10 Dusklights in order to receive your reward from Devrim. An easy way to do this is to exploit Destiny 2’s loading zones by traveling in-and-out of an area to force the Dusklight to respawn.

How this works is rather simple. You enter an area, find a Dusklight and collect it, then quickly move back to the previous area to trigger the loading zone name. You then turn around and head back into the area where you collected the Dusklight, this time it will be in a different location.

In the above video, Flash the Camper uses Maevic Square as their Dusklight farming location. This offers a loading zone that is very close to another area, and a smaller area for the Dusklight to spawn. You could use an area like Outskirts, but Outskirts is so large that finding the Dusklight could take some time.

Starting at the spawn point in Trostland, head to the right and into the buildings toward Maevic Square – you can check your map to ensure you’re going the right direction. As you enter Maevic Square, look for the Dusklight and loot it, then turn around and head back to Trostland. As soon as you see the words “Trostland” appear, turn around and head back to Maevic Square.

You can do this as often as you like, and using a Ghost that has the Resource Detector perk will make finding the Dusklight incredibly easy. Consider purchasing a Ghost with the EDZ Resource Detector or just look for the Dusklight the old fashioned way with your eyes.

After a few trips, you should have farmed up enough Dusklight on the EDZ to complete the EDZ Scavenger Challenge.

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