Pokemon GO Plus Will Launch Later This Month

How you will soon be able to take Pokemon GO to the next level.

Nintendo and Niantic Labs have announced that the Pokemon GO Plus accessory for Pokemon GO will launch in many global territories starting next week. The good news was confirmed by Nintendo via Twitter, revealing that Pokemon GO Plus will be available in all regions save for a few territories in South America (where it will launch later this year) starting on September 16th.

The Pokemon GO Plus was originally scheduled to launch in July, but Niantic decided to delay the accessory’s release so that it could first focus on getting Pokemon GO into a more playable state (fans will remember the rough initial launch Pokemon GO due in no small part to the sheer number of people trying to play it at once).

For those who may not know what the Pokemon GO Plus is, the Pokemon GO Plus is a small device which can either be clipped to a user’s clothing like a pin or worn on their wrist using an included wrist strap. When a user moves within range of a Pokestop or catchable Pokemon, the Pokemon GO Plus lights up and vibrates, allowing the user to gather items from the Pokestop or attempt to catch the Pokemon with the push of a button.

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