Upcoming Horror Games That Make Great Nightmare Fuel - The Forest

These upcoming horror games will have you waking up in a cold sweat, guaranteed.

The Forest

Picture this. You’re aboard an airplane that’s quickly hurtling its way to the earth. The plane crash is painful, terrifying and soul shattering but regardless of this, the realization sets in that you’re the only survivor. Buried deep within the confines of an isolated forest, your first instinct is to find food and shelter and it doesn’t take very long before you realize that you’re far from alone. Mutant cannibals inhabit this forest and despite their taste for human flesh, they’re far more clever than one would think.

In The Forest, you have one goal: Survive. Hunt and gather, build a shelter, explore and defend yourself from the many dangers that lurk within this truly open world, survival simulation. On top of a truly horrifying single-player survival experience, the developers Endnight Games, have said they are excited for the possibility of multiplayer. Although The Forest is currently in Early Access on Steam, it has a clear development map and very positive reviews.

Be sure to check out The Forest on Steam.

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