7 Books That Need To Be Made Into Games - Wizard of Oz

Experiencing the realm of storytelling through a gaming perspective.

5. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

From Harry Potter to the Dark Tower series to... The Wizard of Oz? Stay with us here, we know this is a strange transition. Harry Potter tackles open-world gameplay, and The Dark Tower series picks up where Red Dead Redemption left off. With Wizard of Oz, we feel like it would be a wonderful story-based adventure... perhaps one for Telltale Games or Dontnod Entertainment to adapt! We'd love to follow Dorothy's quest alongside and be able to exchange dialogue with L. Frank Baum's magical cast of characters.

The colors alone in a game adaptation of The Wizard of Oz would be gorgeous, not to mention the opportunity for a beautiful soundtrack (Austin Wintory would be our first pick). We think as far as games that explore things from a narrative perspective go, The Wizard of Oz is just what the gaming realm needs. If it worked for Telltale's stellar game The Wolf Among Us, it could certainly work for The Wizard of Oz! 

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