7 Books That Need To Be Made Into Games - Dracula

Experiencing the realm of storytelling through a gaming perspective.

3. Dracula

You may be thinking to yourself, where's the horror on this list? What better horror novel than one of the biggest horror classics of all time, Dracula. There are many ways this could be adapted into a solid horror video game, and when we think of how we'd love to play it our thoughts hover back to games like Outlast. What would it be like to be trapped in a castle the size of Dracula's? Players would be tasked with having to escape in the dead of night when Dracula is very much awake.

Of course, he isn't exactly going to let you leave without a struggle and if he catches you... well, say goodbye to all the blood in your body. Chilling atmosphere mixed with a desperate struggle to escape with your neck and your life intact sounds like a great horror game to us. All it needs now is a solid studio to adapt it properly! 

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