10 Hilarious Indie Game Screenshots - Page 3

Sometimes you need to stop and take these video game moments in. 

4. Rusty Shot 

Rust is a game where it really sucks if you don't have a gun. Although, sometimes you're just a rusty shot and the gun doesn't do much either. 

3. Goat Sacrifice Simulator

Goat Simulator has so many weird moments it's hard to pick just one... although this image of a strange goat sacrifice ritual made us chuckle more than the rest for some reason.

2. Don't Deny It

This Hatoful Boyfriend pigeon doesn't give you very many options when it comes to loving him. You either love him, you love him... or you love him. Any questions?

1. I Used To Be An Adventurer... 

Until I took about 10 arrows to the face. I mean, archers are definitely hated in Chivalry Medieval Warfare but poor Pete... he just couldn't catch a break.


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