7 Best Android Games You Can Play For Free - Clash of Clans

Some of the best free mobile Android games to keep you busy on the go.

2. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a free MMO game developed by Supercell. Capitalizing on the art of free-to-play microtransactions, Clash of Clans has become both a monetary success for Supercell, and a staple in the mobile gaming scene. The game is highly addicting, enabling you to build a clan, train your troops, and attack other players to earn rewards. 

The more players you defeat, the more invested you’ll be come as you amass gold, elixirs, and Dark Elixirs which can be used to build defenses to protect yourself from other players. You’ll go back and forth ripping apart enemy clans, while at the same time growing your own into an impenetrable fortress. The competitive spirit is very much alive in Clash of Clans, so if you’re looking for a little excitement, definitely download this free game and give it a try!

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