Best Friday the 13th Deaths - Page 2

Jason’s creative slaughtering takes things up a notch in the Friday the 13th series.

Jimmy (Friday the 13th The Final Chapter)

Fast-forwarding through the series a bit, we have Jimmy’s death. After bragging to Ted about hooking up with Tina, Jimmy ventures into the kitchen to get a bottle of wine. Unable to find the corkscrew, Jimmy shouts for Ted asking where the corkscrew is before finding it… embedded in his hand. It that wasn’t painful enough, he has his face smashed by Jason’s clever.

Adrienne (Jason X)

Whether you like the film Jason X or you don’t, you cannot deny that the way Jason killed Adrienne is pretty sinister. Sneaking up behind her in the lab, Jason grabs Adrienne by the head and dunks her into some liquid Nitrogen. After doing so, he bashes her frozen head to pieces on a nearby table for good measure.

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