Greybox Details Upcoming Dreadnought Changes In September Update

Team and squad sizes are being re-evaluated in the upcoming September update of Dreadnought.

Developer Greybox has posted its September developer update for the upcoming competitive ship combat game Dreadnought. In the blog post, Greybox outlines some major changes that are coming to the game’s team and squad sizes. As part of Dreadnought's ongoing closed beta, Greybox has been demoing a brand new game mode titled Onslaught.

Unlike Dreadnought's other game modes which feature competitive 5v5 battles, Onslaught brings the total player count up to 16, allowing two teams of eight to throw down. Onslaught’s reception has been so positive among beta players that Greybox has now decided to up the count of all current game modes in Dreadnought to 8v8. Greybox says that this change will have several beneficial effects such as making battles feel more epic, allows for more tactical options, and also takes some of the pressure off of individual players to perform well, making the game more inviting to newer players.

The studio was careful to clarify that future game modes could have different team sizes, so there is a chance that a new 5v5 mode could appear in the future. While team sizes are being increased, squad sizes are being decreased from five players at once to three. Greybox acknowledges that this change might upset groups of five players who enjoy playing together (squads are basically pre-made parties who can then queue up for matches as a group), but it will also help to cut down on queue times in general, and it will also make the prospect of being matched up against a pre-made squad less frustrating for non-squad players.

You can read the full developer update on Greybox's official website.

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