7 Games to Scratch Your No Man's Sky Itch - Ur-Quan Masters

Seven games that will help scratch your sci-fi exploration itch.

6. The Ur-Quan Masters

The Ur-Quan Masters is a community remake of a popular game series called Star Control 2. The community of modders behind Ur-Quan Masters were able to use the source code to breathe new life into the old series. The premise of the game is simple, your ship is an ancient relic found on an alien planet that you choose to pilot back to Earth some centuries after leaving the system. On your return you discover that the Ur-Quan, a violent alien race, has enslaved all of humanity.

You spend the rest of the game traveling around a universe, landing on planets, collecting resources, and upgrading your ship in preparation for the arrival of the Ur-Quan forces. Ur-Quan Masters has everything that No Man’s Sky needed, a narrative, stakes, tension, and a world where planets have a purpose. Even though each planet has already been created, the planets in Ur-Quan Masters are just as unique and important as those in No Man’s Sky.

You can even return to planets you’ve visited, a necessity if you’re landing ship is unable to survive on the hostile worlds. You will meet a variety of alien civilizations, each with their own personality and language. You will need to make selective choices on what to install on your ship with its limited spaces. Old-school graphics aside, The Ur-Quan Masters is a game that will absolutely scratch the No Man’s Sky itch.

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