5 Anime Series We'd Love To See As Games - Kill la Kill

With anime games on the rise, we feel these five animes deserve their very own video game.

2. Kill la Kill

Undoubtedly one of the most popular animes to come out over the last few years, Kill la Kill is spearheaded by its unique art and solid delivery. Protagonist Ryuko Matoi is on a quest to find her father’s killer. On this quest, she’ll battle it out against Satsuki Kiryuin. Kill la Kill is a complex anime to describe in plot, and is arguably easier to take in visually rather than reading a synopsis. If you’ve seen the series, or are familiar with it, you’ll understand why it’d make such a stellar game.

Personally, we feel the game could be a direct adaptation without needing too many changes put in. Just like the Naruto Shippuden games deliver the story alongside a few fight sequences, Kill la Kill could also do well in such a format. However, while the art direction in the Naruto games isn’t bad, Kill la Kill’s signature art touch would make this game absolutely mindblowing. Sign us up, we’re already throwing our cash at the screen thinking about it.

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