5 Anime Series We'd Love To See As Games - One Punch Man

With anime games on the rise, we feel these five animes deserve their very own video game.

1. One Punch Man

One Punch Man is a personal favorite, and one that is hands-down the best candidate on this list for a video game adaptation. The series follows Saitama as he transforms himself into an apathetic superhero capable of knocking out his foes with a single punch. His prowess in battle far exceeds that of his superhero counterparts… sadly, his attitude often results in him not being taken seriously. Which is a shame, as there's nothing wrong with being a hero just for fun.

We love Saitama’s personality (highlighted in the video above) and his interactions with his cyborg companion Genos. With no shortage of incredibly strange monsters to fight, the game would challenge players to not only defeat these monsters with one swift punch, but also to rank up within the Hero Association. In our minds, we picture it in a similar fashion as Dragonball Xenoverse… if Dragonball Xenoverse didn’t take itself seriously at all. We love Saitama, and we feel there’s no anime more deserving of a game adaptation than One Punch Man.

Do you agree with our five picks? Which animes do you think deserve a video game adaptation? Let us know in the comments below!


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