Indie Shooter Ascend Draws Inspiration From Titanfall

A video game for people who think Titanfall is a little too mainstream.

ThndrStrm (yes, that spelling is intentional) recently brought its in-development multiplayer shooter Ascend to Steam Greenlight, and also released a new trailer showing some pre-Alpha footage of the game. As you can see in the trailer, ThndrStrm is clearly inspired by Respawn Entertainment’s hit multiplayer shooter, Titanfall.

Ascend is a multiplayer-centric shooter in which players control mercenaries who wage proxy wars at the behest of powerful corporations. Mobility is a key element of Ascend’s gameplay, with players able to run along walls, double-jump, and even use a grappling hook to quickly reach elevated vantage points. 

Players can also call down and pilot different “exo-suits,” and there just so happens to be three different exo-suit chassis types to choose from (there were three different Titan chassis types in the original Titanfall). Lastly, players can customize their mercenary characters both cosmetically and with gameplay abilities, like a bullet-deflecting shield and a “blink” ability.

Ascend is still in a pretty rough state if the pre-Alpha trailer is anything to go by, which is why it isn’t surprising to hear that ThndrStrm currently aims for an early 2018 release. If all goes well, indie fans might soon have their own Titanfall-esque game to enjoy. For now, check out Ascend on Steam Greenlight.

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