Scariest Friday the 13th Virtual Cabin Easter Eggs - A Chilling Telephone Call

Check out the scariest virtual cabin easter eggs we could find.

A Chilling Telephone Call

When you first enter the cabin, you’ll notice a yellow telephone a little ways ahead of you. Standing immediately in front of it and waiting a few seconds will prompt the camera to zoom in and the telephone will begin to ring. If you decide to pick it up, you'll be met with the horrifying screams of a woman being brtually murdered.

This is the part where we ask fellow Friday The 13th fans for help. Are the shrill screams of this woman coming through the phone from one of the movies? If so, which one? Watch the Virtual Cabin Tour video above and leave us a comment with your theories. Be sure to check out the Friday The 13th official website for more information regarding Red upcoming and highly anticipated game.


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